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History of Kawasaki part 1

Kawasaki established in Tokyo in 1878 by Shozo Kawasaki. Initially, he made a boat engine. In Hyogo, Hyogo Kawasaki shipyard established in 1881. Then, Kawasaki also manufactures locomotives engines, missiles, submarines, super tangker. After World War 2 the Allies made the steelmaking division called Kawasaki steel corporation. Then, in 1949 Kawasaki decided to produce motorcycles.

History of Kawasaki motorcycles in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the production of 125 cc Kawasaki had given the name of AR 125.
Such as in the two types of red and blue images on the left and below, both with Kawasaki AR 125 effuse power 22hp at 9500rpm using a radiator with a capacity of 11 liters of petrol stations capable of speeds until 130km/jam

Kawasaki ninja 150 1996-2006

Type                                                   2-stroke, crankcase reedvalve
Bore x Stroke                                  59.0 x 54.4 mm
Number of Cylinders                      one, 148cc
Compression Ratio                         6.8: 1
Maximum Power                             22,1 KW ( 30,1 PS ) / 10.500 RPM
Maximum Torsion                           21,6 Nm / 9.000 RPM
 Carburetor                                       Mikuni VM 28
Starter System                                 Kick
Transmission Amount                    6 speed, constant mesh, return shift
 Gear Ratio
Gear 1    2.700 ( 27/10 )
Gear 2    1.706 ( 29/17 )
Gear 3    1.300 ( 26/20 )
Gear 4    1.090 ( 24/22 )
Gear 5    0.952 ( 20/21 )
Gear 6     0.863 (19/22  )
Final Drive System Type                          Chain Drive
Reduction ratio                                  3.000 ( 42/14 )
 Whole Ratio Drive                             8.479 @ top gear
Lubrication System Oil                       Oil Injection
Side Oil Capacity                                1 liter
Oil Transmission Capacity/ engine      0,87 liter
Exhaust / Muffler                               Catalic Converter
Coolant Capacity                                1,3 liter
Long x Wide  x Height                        1975mm x 719mm x 1090mm
Wheel’s Axis                                             1.305mm
Lowest Range                                    145mm
Maximum Weight                              124,5 kg
Frame Typr                                        Full Frame
Front Suspension                              Telescopic Fork Suspension
Back Suspension                               Monoshock Suspension
Front Break                                       Rem Cakram Twin Pot
Back Break                                        Rem Cakram Twin Pot
Front Tire                                          90/90-17 49S Tube-type
Back Tire                                          110/80-17 57S Tube-type
Gassoline Tank                                  10,8 liter

Indonesia produces Kawasaki 2 stroke engines, using a single cylinder 150cc ninja named 150.  Its production code machine is KR150C 1855 Kawasaki ninja. Ss time goes by, it changes its name as Ninja 150R with KR150J production code. It has the same machine code with the 1996 Ninja.  kawasaki still use rim with a ring radius of 17 front discs and rear uses drum components and still imported from Thailand with a prominent right round lights remain green as the base color to show the special Ninja characteristics. In 1997, Ninja Kawasaki issued a new product under  the name Ninja 150R front discs and the rear is much more expensive with the ninja 150 prior to engine specs Keihin kalbulator PWI 26 until the year of 2006. In September 2002, Ninja Kawasaki also produces a Ninja 150RR kips using technology that is still buil-up import from the white elephant country. KIPS is an additional valve technology in the cylinder block to hold the rest of the exhaust gas in the run-down so that the rotation is not free from tension and release less smoke. Ninja 150RR using a full fairing unlike Ninja 150 R.


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